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I'm a paramedic working in the UK which explains the dark shadows under my eyes and my dim view of humanity in general. Happily married to Cat. Gay Girl Geek and proud of it. Accidental author.

This page was initially set up by my better half to encourage me to write fic. 100,000+ words later and - as my poor, long-suffering beta - she's probably regretting that!

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asoiaf, bog hopping, bolton wanderers, bug-slug, cat, charlie brooker, cherry pie, chocolate, chocolate cake, community, digging the allotment, driving on blues, elbow, fan fic, farscape, forbrydelsen, getting cannulas in, girls in leather, girls in vests, girls with guns, jacqueline carey, jogging, kinder scout, lena headey, losing at scrabble, mary chapin carpenter, olivia dunham, phoenix nights, rizzoli & isles, sarah connor, sarah connor chronicles, sarah mclachlan, smut, snow, sofie grabol, spotting frogs, swearing, switzerland, terminator, terminator 2, the eiger, the killers, the killing, the lancashire hotpots, walking up mountains, watching waterboatmen, writing
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